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-99198 / 800
Cattle Herder Stock Program Investment
Nebraska - 12 Months(s)
Price $1500 @ 1 Unit
Profit Margin


Opening Date 2020/11/27 12:00:AM
Closing Date 2021/12/09 12:00:AM

We are a leading livestock breeding and fattening enterprise involved in upgrading and multiplying livestock breeds/herds with local adaptability and improved quality and yield, innovative breeding technology of artificial insemination and careful selection.

Designed to function as a combinatorial pilot, our farm is built to foster modern agricultural practices in ranching, animal processing as well as pilot best practice farming processes in the cash and fruit crops sectors. In a bid to supplement our cattle feeding on corn stalks and also to further contribute to our nation’s crop market, We have utilized our spacious ranch to cultivate maize and vegetables, and so far we are doing excellently well owing to good farm practices we have so delicately delivered.


Category: Animal
Insurance: Yes

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